Player-authored Material

A lot of players have been busily creating companies of their own, as well as other material. We shall host some of that material here for everyone to use.

Please note: Although we do review material before it is put here and may ask authors to edit certain parts, we are not responsible for the accuracy or nature of them. The copyright for each submission remains squarely with the Authors.

The assembled companies:

The Ancients of Kaled by Alex Bagosy

Diamond Annie’s Forty Thieves by Michael J. O’Brien

Otto Von Feldkirchen’s Light Dragoons (Austria-Hungary) by Rob Lee

Pinkerton’s Detective Agency Special Crimes Unit by Michael J. O’Brien

The Temple of Isis by Michael J. O’Brien

Porterhouse College Adventuring Company by David Wilson

29 thoughts on “Player-authored Material

  1. Put together this 300 point company which I call ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’. Sorry about the layout but still haven’t got to grips with the tablet! All the names used are real Elsie Scott was a housemaid at Osborne House on the IoW in the late 1800’s. Hope you enjoy the list.

    Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talent. Basic Equipment
    Her Majesty
    Queen Victoria. 2 0 0 0 50 Leadership +3 shotgun
    Louisa Duchess of Buccleuch
    (Queen’s Lady in Waiting). 4 0 0 0. 9 Shotgun

    Elsie Scott
    (Housemaid) 4 0 0 0. 7 Pistol

    John Brown. 4 2 2. 1. 41 Hunter Jack
    Stealthy Sword    Targe.     Hunting Rifle
    Sir Henry Thompson.
    (Queen’s Physician). 6. 0 0. 0. 9 Medic Pistol

    2nd Lieutenant Theodore. 3 4 4 1 48 Leadership +2 Brigandine
    Barrington Norman Leslie Erudite Wit Sword
    (Grenadier Guards). Pistol

    Sergeant Thomas Legg Marksman Brigandine
    (Grenadier Guards). 4 3. 3 1. 39 Tough. Military Rifle
    Bayonet Drill Bayonet.

    Guardsman Henry Botham. Brigandine
    (Grenadier Guards). 4. 2. 2. 1 25. Bayonet Drill Military Rifle. . Bayonet
    Guardsman John William
    Parkin (Grenadier Guards). Ditto

    Guardsman Alfred Lovell
    (Grenadier Guards). Ditto

    Guardsman George Jenkinson
    (Grenadier Guards)

    Total 303 points

    • Hi Ken,
      What an excellent company list 🙂
      Personally I would give Her Majesty a Magneto-static Bodice (waistcoat) and an Arc Pistol. Far more useful against would-be assassins.
      You could also up-armour and equip her bodyguards, after all money is no object when the safety of the sovereign is concerned. Highly polished SRC breastplates for the soldiers would seem appropriate, especially if you make them members of the Blues & Royals.
      Every list should have Options so I commend the following to you:
      Her Majesty was a good rider so you could give her and her guards the option of the cavalryman talent.
      Another option could be to allow her guards the Fanatic talent to represent their devotion to her protection.
      When you are happy with the list let me know and I put it as a pdf above. Remember to put your name on it so you get all due credit.

      • Thanks for the comments, taken on board. Will rework list and resubmit

        Cheers for puuting the fun back in wargaming which after nearly 40 years was getting a bit jadad!


    • Hi Craig

      I think I’m happy with the list now. Thanks once again for the comments & suggestions. I’ve introduced a new character that I really like. His name is Colonel Vivian Dering Majendie KCB, CB, RA, who was Chief Inspector of Explosives to Her Majesty and the first bomd disposal expert. Look him up on Wikipedia he quite a character. In fact his inclusion has given me ideas for a Fenian company using amongst other things clockwork bombs!

      Hopefully this time I’ve conquered the layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mrs Brown’s Boys

      Her Majesty Queen Victoria
      Pluck 2
      FV 0
      SV 0
      Speed 0
      Talents Leadership +3, Inspirational, Fearless
      Equipment Shotgun
      Cost 50

      Extra to give/make Her Majesty :
      An Arc Pistol (instead of Shotgun) +2 points
      A magneto-static bodice (waistcoat) +2 points
      A Horsewoman (Cavalryman) +3 points
      A Horse +5 points
      Trick Riding +5 points
      Campaign games only ‘immortal’ +10 points

      Louisa Duchess of Buccleuch
      (Her Majesty’s Lady in Waiting)
      Pluck 4
      FV 0
      SV 0
      Speed 0
      Talents None
      Equipment Shotgun
      Cost 9

      Extra to give/make Louisa Duchess of Buccleuch :
      A Horsewoman (Cavalryman) +3 points
      A Horse +5 points

      Elsie Scott
      Pluck 4
      FV 0
      SV 0
      Speed 0
      Equipment Pistol
      Cost 7

      John Brown
      (Ghillie…….nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Hunter, Stealthy
      Equipment Jack, Sword, Targe, Hunting Rifle
      Cost 41

      Extra to give/make John Brown:
      A marksman +5 points
      A Cavalryman +3 points
      A Horse +5 points
      Trick Riding +5 points

      Sir Henry Thompson.
      (Queen’s Physician)
      Pluck 6
      FV 0
      SV 0
      Speed 0
      Talents Medic
      Equipment Pistol
      Cost 9

      Colonel Vivian Dering Majendie KCB, CB, RA
      (Chief Inspector of Explosives to Her Majesty)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Engineer, Fearless, Fanatic
      Equipment Brigandine, Pistol, Congrave Rocket Gun & 4 Rocket Grenades (any type)
      Cost 69

      Extra to give/make Colonel Majendie:
      An Arc Pistol +4 points
      A Faraday Coat +3 points
      An Electrostatic Burst Generator +15 points
      Breath preserver +2 points

      2nd Lieutenant Theodore Barrington Norman Leslie
      (Chinless wonder Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 3
      FV 4
      SV 4
      Speed 1
      Talents Leadership +2, Erudite Wit
      Equipment Brigandine, Sword, Pistol
      Cost 48

      Extra to give/make 2nd Lt. Leslie
      An Arc Pistol (instead of pistol) +2 points
      SRC Breastplate +14 points
      Breath preserver +2 points
      A Fanatic +5 points
      A Cavalryman (transfer to Household Cavalry) +3 points
      A Horse +5 points

      Sergeant Thomas Legg
      (Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 4
      FV 3
      SV 3
      Speed 1
      Talents Tough, Bayonet Drill, Marksman
      Equipment Brigandine, Military Rifle, Bayonet
      Cost 39

      Extra to give/make Sergeant Legg
      A SRC Breastplate +14 points
      A Fanatic +5 points
      Explosive Grenades +6 points each
      Breath preserver +2 points
      A Cavalryman (transfer to Household Cavalry) +3 points
      A Horse +5 points
      If mounted swaps military rifle and bayonet for carbine and sword at -3 points
      If mounted swaps bayonet drill for trick riding at +3 points

      Guardsman Henry Botham
      (Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Bayonet Drill
      Equipment Brigandine, Military Rifle, Bayonet
      Cost 25

      Guardsman Alfred Lovell
      (Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Bayonet Drill
      Equipment Brigandine, Military Rifle, Bayonet
      Cost 25

      Guardsman John William Parkin
      (Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Bayonet Drill
      Equipment Brigandine, Military Rifle, Bayonet
      Cost 25

      Guardsman George Jenkinson
      (Grenadier Guards)
      Pluck 4
      FV 2
      SV 2
      Speed 1
      Talents Bayonet Drill
      Equipment Brigandine, Military Rifle, Bayonet
      Cost 25

      Extra to make/give any Guardsman
      A SRC Breastplate +14 points
      A Fanatic +5 points
      Explosive Grenades +6 points each
      Breath preserver +2 points
      A Cavalryman (transfer to Household Cavalry) +3 points
      A Horse +5 points
      If mounted swaps military rifle and bayonet for carbine and sword at -3 points
      If mounted swaps bayonet drill for trick riding at +3 points

      Other alternative characters/equipment could be;

      HRH Prince Albert -Inventor/Engineer (Can’t be in same company as John Brown for obvious reasons. Could be a Society of Thule sleeper, possibly Dr Kobalt’s illegitimate half brother)

      Albert’s Ghost – Enhances Her Majesty’s die rolls (+1 to all die rolls) but hinders John Brown’s (-1 to all die rolls)

      The Ghost of Wellington – Inspires any soldier (+1 to die rolls)

      Other Royal Household staff – Cooks, Butlers, footman etc.

      Royal Coach – Steam Carraige

      Ken Taylor
      January 2014


      Ken 🙂

  2. Hi, May I ask a question here about points for a potential model in my company here?

    I have a Steam Horse without a rider, carrying an arc generator, so something with Pluck and FV (he has a buzz saw tail) but one figure rather than counting as a mount.

    How would you cost that up?

  3. Hi,
    I did this Suffragette list in order to match some of my previously unused miniatures:

    By Jingo! It is not enough that we have to tame the enemies of progress that imped the penetration of our Glorious Civilization all around the world. All those damned Pathan, Fellahs, Fuzzy-Wuzzies, Zulus or this evil Captain Nemo that scourges our very own Seven Seas! It is not enough that we have to protect our wealth from those bloody Socialists, Anarchist, Catholics or the legion of evil of the Napoleon of Crime! Now we have to face a danger coming from inside our own mansions. What happened to our wives and daughters? Why those charming little witless things changed into this wild bunch of angry witches? Why do they claims to be equal to us instead of calmly attend our lovely homes and breed the sons of the Empire? I am sure that our Majesty disapproves strongly such a displaced behaviour. Some even pretend that they have a hidden agenda: to rule the world and enslave us at their very disposal! What a disgrace! Moreover, as we can expect for these inferior creatures, they don’t play the game like gentlemen. I have to confess that they don’t lack pluck! You must have when you riot naked like this Lady “Godiva” Virago and her followers… Oh, may God protect us from this madness!
    Lord Robert Gascoyne’s report at the House of Lords, Oct 1888.

    Lady Griselda “Godiva” Virago (59 points)
    Pluck 2+
    FV +4
    Speed 0
    Equipment: Naked! Umbrella (club)
    Talents: Leadership 3, Terrifying, Erudite Wit, Inspirational
    Note: What is more terrifying for an Educated Gentlemen than a middle-aged naked vociferating Englishwomen?

    Millicent Fawcett (29 points)
    Pluck 4+
    FV +2
    SV +2
    Speed 0
    Equipment: Dress, Umbrella
    Talents: Leadership 1, Inspirational, Medic

    Lady Florence Baker (52 points)
    Pluck 3+
    FV +1
    SV +4
    Speed 0
    Equipment: Dress, .577 Nitro Express Hunting Rifle,Hunting Knife
    Talents: Leadership 1, Hunter, Marksman

    Emily Wilding Davison (38 points)
    Pluck 4+
    FV +3
    SV +3
    Speed +2
    Equipment: Dress, Pocket Pistol, Umbrella
    Talents: Fearless, Fanatic, Erudite Wit

    Suffragette (17 points)
    Pluck 5+
    FV +2
    SV +2
    Speed 0
    Equipment: Dress, Pocket Pistol, Umbrella (+1/0)
    Talent: Fanatic

    • Lady Florence Baker may have a Monocular Targeting Array (+7 points).
    • Lady Florence Baker and Emily Wilding Davison may have the Tough Talent (+5 point).
    • Emily Wilding Davison and Suffragettes may replace their Umbrella and Pistol for Placards (Quarterstaff, -1 points).
    • Emily Wilding Davison and Suffragettes may have Brick Lane Bottle grenades (+6 points per grenade).
    • Suffragettes may exchange their Umbrella and Pistol for a Carbine or a Shotgun (+0 points).
    • Any Suffragette may undress (Armour=7) and gain the Terrifying Talent as Lady Godiva’s follower (+9 points).
    • One Gatling machine gun (26 points) may be deployed. It must be crewed by a pair of dressed Suffragettes who loose their umbrella (-2 points per figure).

    Designer Note: Suffragette movement was a component of the Late Victorian/Edwardian eras that hasn’t been much exploited by Steampunk up to now. With a pure egalitarian motivation, I decided to fill in this gap inspired by mythical or historical characters. If you are too puritan to deploy actually naked suffragettes, Victorian underdresses should be terrifying enough. Is it necessary to mention that I do not endorse the chauvinistic vision of Lord Robert Gascoygne?

    • Well done!
      I actually have my own Militant Suffragettes list that I have not shared yet. It includes the option to take a few Incendiaries from the Brick Lane Commune list 🙂

  4. Thanks! Great minds think alike 🙂
    PS: Re-reading it I realised that I left a few typos and grammar errors: the disadvantage of being French and Dyslexic 😦

  5. Hi Craig
    Finally put together a ‘Northern League’ company. I regard this a first draft. What do you think? My head hurts with thinking.

    The Northern League

    This company for IHMN is based in North Yorkshire, from where its assortment of stout fellows (and some ladies) originate. To set the background to this company, interested gentlemen may wish to peruse this short note recently found by Lord Richmond in his library. I believe it was probably written by someone holding the post of Lieutenancy, or Magistracy, in the Riding.

    Yorkshire is the largest of our English counties, and the difficulty of administering the law over so wide a district necessitated, at an early period, the division of the shire into three parts, called Trithings or thirds, corrupted in later times into Ridings, and named, from situations, the North, East, and West Ridings. The North Riding occupies the northern portion of the county, extending from the river Tees, to the walls of York, and from the borders of Westmoreland to the shore of the German Ocean. This North Riding, in common with the rest of the county, embraces three distinctly marked natural districts, each possessing its own characteristic scenery and vegetation and distinctive geological strata. On the west is a broad band of mountains and moorlands; on the eastern side is another belt of hills and moorlands; and between these lies the Plain of York, extending from the river Tees to southern confines of the county.

    The Northern League was formed by Her Majesties Government under the leadership of Lord Richmond and based at the Richmond gentleman’s Club in ….. Its purpose was to combat the unsavoury gangs pervading the northern towns and cities, such as York, Richmond, Port Middlesbrough and Whitby, and prevent them extending their influence into the surrounding North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales. Many of these ruffians where privateers, smugglers and Germanic raiders operating along the coast. However, there are rumours of vampiric influences in, and around Whitby. In addition there are unconfirmed sightings of ghostly apparitions, resembling Roman legionaries, from the undercroft of York (Eboracum) Minster where it is know the ruins of the old Fortress of the 9th Legion (Legio Nonae Hispana) resides.

    Lord Richmond (Comte de Richemont) The early Lords of Richmond held the ‘Honour of Richmond’, one of the most important fiefs in England. Early holders of the honour of Richmond, although Counts (Comtes) were known as Lords of Richmond rather than using the old Earl, evolved from the French-Breton-Norman title Count (Comte) from the times of William the Conqueror. The present Lord Richmond (Augustus Rufus) founded the Northern League by special request from her Majesty Queen Victoria and has its rooms in the Market Place by the old Trinity Church. Augustus (Gus) went to Oxford, to read archaeology, but left under mysterious circumstances that involved the shooting of three fellow students and a Nubian artefact. He then travelled extensively in Egypt, Nubia, the old Kingdom of Sennar and the Sudan, collecting a company of people that included Lady Swale-Frankland, and captain Maurice Hannam. For a time they had their Headquarters in Khartoum but fortunately they left and returned to England before the unfortunate events of 1884. On returning to England the Northern league was formed and remains a potent force in the control of the multifarious northern forces working against her Majesties Government. On several occasions the League has joined with Lord Curr and others to travel overseas. Lord Richmond maintains a steamship (SS North River)(150 ft long with a draught of 7 ft) at Port Middlesbrough, on the River Tees.

    Captain Hannam On the 7th July 1860, the North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers were constituted with its Headquarters at Richmond, North Yorkshire. The 1890 Bulmer’s Directory for Richmond lists a Captain Maurice Hugh Hannam. This was the very same gentleman who accompanied Lord Richmond on several of his expeditions to Egypt and Nubia and was a founding member of his Northern League

    Lady Swale-Frankland Thirklehurt Manor is an elegant mansion, erected by Sir Thomas Bartland, in the Italian style, from the designs of Mr. James Walter, architect. It is situated on a gentle eminence on the north-west side of the village, in the midst of a spacious and well-wooded park. Towards the east lie the Hambleton Hills and the gigantic form of the White Horse, shaped out of the hill side, can be distinctly seen. From the roof of the house York’s grey tower can be seen rising above the horizon. The hall is now the property and residence of Lady Swale-Frankland, who, after the death of her husband, Sir William Swale-Gallway, assumed the name of Frankland in lieu of Gallway. Before marrying Sir William, Lady Swale-Frankland had travelled extensively in the middle east and after the death of her husband she accompanied Lord Richmond on his several expeditions to Khedivate of Egypt and Transjordan. During one of these excursions she disappeared for some 5 months and on reappearance possessed spiritual talents of an interesting nature. She refused point blank to discuss her 6 months in the desert, but could clearly influence minds and bodies in an amazing way. She joined Lord Richmond’s Northern League to provide medicinal aid and has the Medic Talent. To represent her other-worldly powers she has 15 points to spend on Mystical Powers.

    Northern gentlemen A nefarious group of well-to-dos who have frequented the North Yorkshire Gentlemen’s Cricket Club, the North Yorkshire Shooting Society and the Richmond racing set. Members include an ex Archdeacon of Richmond (John Gynwell) who left the church after the jurisdiction was transferred to the newly formed See of Ripon. He frequently advises Lord Richmond on ecclesiastical matters, that is to say religeous artefacts.

    Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers In 1883 when the North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers where re-named the 1st Volunteer Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment) and the Headquarters moved to Northallerton (the administrative HQ of the North Riding), the so-called Skelton Company remained in the Keep of the castle at Richmond. This company had taken the shooting prize at the in September 1872. They were commanded by Captain Maurice Hugh Hannam, along with the plucky Sergeant Treen who finally retired in 1894.

    Privateers are a motley band of whalers (Whitby lads), sailors (from Lord Richmonds past expeditions) and reformed smugglers (caught in the early days of the League). Muslim sailors visited Middlesbrough from about 1880. They each wear Brigandine Armour as standard and carry Shotguns and Cutlasses.

    Game Keepers A motley collection of ‘old boys’ who previously worked for a number of North Yorkshire estates and now look to further their skills in the service of The league. Some are excellent long-distance shots, having developed their skill hunting red deer on the bleak moors. They are experts at camoflague. Others have developed ‘close-fighting’ in their encounters with poachers. All are excellent trackers.

    Figure Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents/Powers Equipment
    Lord Richmond 2+ +3 +3 +1 60 Leadership +2, Fearless, Hunter, Tough Jack, arc rifle, pistol
    Captain Hannam 3+ +4 +4 +1 57 Leadership +1 SRC breastplate, pistol, sabre
    Lady Swale-Frankland 4+ +0 +1 +1 13+ powers Medic, up to 15 points of mystical powers Lined coat, pistol, knife
    northern gentlemen 4+ +1 +2 +0 21 Jack, military rifle, sword
    Yorkshire Rifle Volunterrs 5+ +2 +2 +0 22 Bayonet Drill Brigandine, military rifle, bayonet
    Privateers 5+ +2 +1 +0 21 Tough Brigantine, Shotgun, Cutlass (Sword)
    Gamekeepers 5+ +1 +2 +1 25 Hunter, Stealthy Lined Coat, Shotgun, Club, Hunting Knife


    Lord Richmond can take the Marksman Talent (+5 points) and may exchange his Arc rifle for a hunting rifle (+7 points).

    Captain Hannam can replace his pistol with an Arc pistol (+4 points).

    Northern gentlemen may exchange their military rifle for a hunting rifle (+7 points). If the Archdeacon is used he can have the Fanatic Talent (+5 points).

    Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers can purchase the Marksman Talent (+5 points).

    Privateers: (1) whalers can carry a hand-held harpoon gun with an explosive charge (+6 points per harpoon), regard as an ‘Incense Burner’. (2) Muslims can exchange their Cutlass for a scimiter (+4 points) which counts as a two-handed sword.

    Gamekeepers: (1) one can exchange his shotgun for a hunting rifle. (2) All can set animal traps which attack like an explosive grenade, but only the nearest figure. (+X points?) (They will need to be secretly drawn on a map and take ½ a turn to set?)

    Any member of the company (except Lady Swale-Frankland) can have a Vulcan Coat (+2 points each) or a Faraday Coat (+5 points each).

  6. Here is a company of Vengeful Prostitutes I came up with to match some figures I had painted up in my collection. I think I did the math correctly. I would love some input, please!

    De’Chutes Gang — Also known as the Soiled Doves
    Sisters Dixie & Diana De’Chutes were captured by a gang of outlaws as young girls, watched their parents be murdered while the local sheriff looked on. The local Sheriff then sold them into prostitution. The older sister Diana managed to hang onto her sanity but Dixie lost a few cogs off her wheel. During an escape that Diana planned Dixie briefly slipped her rails and massacred the Madam & her henchmen. This led them to be declared outlaws themselves & they armed themselves.

    Traveling the West they became a Robin-Hood like vigilante posse, hunting down outlaws & eliminating corrupt lawmen who had turned a blind eye to the sufferings & looked down of women called “Soiled Doves”. The Sister’s good works had attracted loyal followers until they formed a gang. First to join them was Lady Monica Whippet, also known as Doc for her healing skills. She became proficient with the bull-whip because of using it on her “clients”. Nancy Dollymoppe was born in London & was raised in poverty & forced in prostitution. The Sisters rescued her from a filthy New York brothel. During her captivity she had been locked in a cellar with rats where she made friends with the rats & was given her Mystic Powers by the Rat King in return for pleasuring him. She is a little unhinged by her ordeals. Lee-Hu was a Chinese orphan sold into a San Francisco Brothel by her Uncle-Guardian as a “punishment” for being too “man-like”. Lee’s father had trained her in Martial Arts before he had been killed by his brother. She joined the gang after they aided her in her vengeance.

    It wasn’t until the Secret Service stepped in and offered them a chance to hunt down the original outlaws that had kidnapped them that they stopped their rampage & allied themselves with the law. Their duties would take them around the world in the service of their country.

    Type Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Basic Equipment
    Diana 3+ +2 +4 +1 61 Leader+3, Marksman, Gunslinger, Duelist, Lightning Draw Shotgun, 2xPistols, Bowie Knife, Lined coat
    Dixie 2+ +1 +2 +1 61 Intuitive, Duelist, Tough Gatling Shotgun, 3xDynamite (grenade), bowie knife
    Riflewoman 5+ +1 +1 +0 25 Carbine, Pistol, Bowie, Lined Coat
    Gunslinger 5+ +1 +2 +1 17 Lightning draw Pistol, Bowie
    Lady Whippet (“Doc”/ Monica) 4+ +2 +0 +0 18 Medic, Erudite Wit Bullwhip
    Nancy Dollymoppe (the Rat Lady) 4+ +1 +1 +2 50 Leader +1, Mystic( Spitfire, Zone of Shadows, Rat-Horde [like Feet of Lead]), Knife
    Lee-Hu 3+ +5 +2 +2(+1) 59 Martial Artist, Tough, Iron-Will 4xShirukan

      • Thank you very much. It grew out of coming up with a company that reflected some of the minis I have collected & painted over 56 years of gaming. I found something to use them in other than one-off RPG’s. When I designed my theme, I did reference Victorian Attitudes & Sensibilities (Hence names like “Nancy Dolleymoppe”) as well as bad puns, though I did hesitate at calling Lee-Hu by the Tantric term of “Jade Cobra”, LOL.

        I’m even running a bring your own company game at the Enfilade Gaming Convention in May. It will be a free-for-all treasure hunt in a crowded urban setting with random exit locations for 4 to 6 players.

        Thank you again,

  7. I most certainly will take photos, & I will send them to your for your use or publication as desired. BTW did I get my math right on this? Would you be so kind as to double check since some of the commentary in the book was unclear to me.

  8. Where can I send my own authored companies? I wrote up a British South African Company (BSAC) and an “Afrikander Bond – Vrijheids Kommando” to oppose them. Both these companies are based on fact.

    1). The “Round Table” – Cecil John Rhodes did indeed want to establish such a secret society and in one of the versions of his last will and testament he bequeathed his wealth to the establishment thereof: Rhodes’ idea was to establish this society along the lines of the Jesuit order with the express intention to advance the cause of British Imperialism in Africa, South America and even (if possible) to reverse the loss of North America. In my version the “Round Table” is a special unit/extension of the BSAC and I’ve used real historic personalities…Rhodes, Selous, Jameson, Baden-Powell, Burnham, Coryndon, Hammond and even Percy FitzPatrick (author of Jock of the Bushveldt)…

    2). The Afrikander Bond – Vrijheids Kommando, is a fictional special commando of the Republic of the Orange Free-State (OFS). It is dedicated to anti-imperialism and the right of the Afrikaner to self-determination. I have used real personalities again, and based it on an organisation that really did exist (the Afrikaner Bond). This organisation had its beginnings in the Republic of the Orange Free State around 1890 and counted among its members later presidents of the OFS as well as many prominent Anglo-Boer War leaders. The . personalities I included are: Generals De Wet, De La Rey and Maritz, Presidents Steyn and Reitz and also the Reverend J.D. Kestell…all real people (and most of them real Afrikaner Bond members).

    So where do I send these companies to be reviewed/published on the IHMN site?

  9. Hi Marius,
    As you know we actively encourage people to create their own companies, publish them on their own blogs or on forums. We also feature a few here as you can see.
    If you’d like to send these companies to me I shall look them over. I should point put that I shall get around to them as soon as I am able, which isn’t always quick I am afraid.

  10. Sent them and their pics and stats to you….Posting a list of the characters below for everyone to enjoy! All info obtained from Wikkipedia and various museum websites. All information, except for the two fictitious lady characters therefor….basically…..true.

    A.) British South Africa Company (BSAC) – The Round Table

    This company represents the “Round Table”, a special unit/extension of the BSAC. It was established by Cecil John Rhodes with the express intention to advance the cause of British Imperialism in Africa, South America and even (if possible) to reverse the loss of North America. Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, i.e. in one of the versions of his last will and testament, Rhodes did indeed bequeath his wealth for the establishment of such a secret society, siting the example of the Jesuit order.

    1.) Cecil John Rhodes
    (Born 1853, aged 42)
    Mine magnate and Cape Colonial Leader and British Imperialist. Used his wealth to establish Rhodesia as part of an attempt to stretch British rule in Africa “from the Cape to Cairo”. Never married. Wanted to create a secret society similar to the Jesuit Order with the aim to advance British Imperialism across Africa, South America and also eventually to reclaim Northern America for the British Empire. Founding father of the Round Table movement. Very interested in Egyptian mythology.

    2.) Frederick Courteney Selous
    (Born: 1851, aged 44)
    The Alan Qautermain character was originally based on Selous. A big game hunter, adventurer and BSAC leader/scout in Rhodes’ campaign to establish Rhodesia and block Afrikaner northward expansion.

    3.) Leander Starr Jameson
    (Born: 1853, aged 42)
    Medical Doctor and “religious” follower of Rhodes. Leader in the BSAC and closely involved in the creation of Rhodesia. Also the leader of the 1895 invasion of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal), i.e. the infamous “Jameson Raid”.

    4.) Robert Baden-Powell
    (Born: 1857, aged 38)
    British Officer involved in the wars against the Matabele (and later a general in the Anglo-Boer War).

    5.) Frederick Russell Burnham
    (Born: 1854, aged 41)
    American adventurer. Involved in the BSAC. Later became an officer in the British army and fought with distinction in the Anglo-Boer war.

    6.) Robert Thorne Coryndon
    (Born: 1870, Aged 25)
    Prominent member of the Bechuanaland Police formed by the BSAC and became Rhodes Secretary in 1896. Later governor of Uganda and Kenia.

    7.) John Hays Hammond
    (Born: 1855, Aged 40)
    Chief mine engineer responsible for Rhodes’ mining interests in both Kimberley and in Johannesburg.

    8.) James Percy Fitzpatrick
    (Born: 1866, Aged 33)
    Author of the book “Jock of the Bushveldt”. Secretary of the Reform Committee in Johannesburg in 1895. Worked to further British imperialism and imprisoned (briefly) after the Jameson raid for his troubles. A rather sickly fellow. Acted as go-between the Reform Committee and Rhodes/Jameson in Cape Town.

    9.) Annie Cox – Fictitious Character
    (Born: 1862, Aged 33)
    Fictional Character. Former “Madam” of a Kimberly saloon the “Red Lantern”. Dabbles in mysticism.

    10.) Round Table Troopers
    The BSAC and Rhodesian Police composed mostly of adventurers.

    B.) Afrikander Bond – Vrijheids Kommando: Republiek van de Oranje Vrijstaat (OFS)

    This company represents the Afrikander Bond – Vrijheids Kommando, a special commando unit of the OFS Republic. It is dedicated to anti-imperialism and the right of the Afrikaner to self-determination. Their main enemy is the BSAC (in Africa), but they have also been known to get involved where-ever they believe it will lead to Crown diverting troops or money away from the Imperial cause, e.g. gun-running to Ireland and India (even China). Unlike the gold-rich Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR, i.e. Transvaal), they do not have access to many of the “new” technologies. They rely heavily on their natural marksmanship and stealth, and are best suited to open terrain.

    1.) Carl Borckenhagen
    (Born: February 1852, aged 43)
    Born in Germany. Emigrated to the OFS (Orange Free State) where he built a newspaper empire. Founder-member and inspiration behind the Afrikander Bond (Afrikaner Union). Mentor of both Steyn and Reitz.

    2.) Marthinus Theunis Steyn
    (Born: 1858, aged 37)
    Lawyer, studied at Leiden University in the Netherlands and the Inner Temple in London (which has its origins with the Knights Templar) and was admitted to the English Bar. Later became state attorney, then president of the OFS. Founder member of the Afrikander Bond.

    3.) Francis William Reitz
    (Born: 1844, aged 51)
    Lawyer, studied at the Inner Temple in London and was admitted to the English Bar. (Member of the Cape Colony government. Later became a Judge, then President then State Secretary of the OFS). Founder member of the Afrikander Bond.

    4.) Christiaan Rudolph de Wet
    (Born: 1854, aged 41)
    Farmer. Extremely charismatic but stern personality. Military genius. Later became general of all OFS forces in the Anglo-Boer War and led the “Rooinekke” in a merry chase across the OFS and Cape Colony during that war. Celebrated as the best guerrilla force leader on the Boer side of the conflict. Known for his excellent horsemanship.

    5.) Vader John Daniel Kestell
    (Born: 1841, Aged 54)
    Minister in the Dutch Reformed Church. De Wet’s mentor. Became the spiritual leader of the OFS burghers during the Anglo Boer War.

    6.) Jacobus Herculaas de la Rey
    (Born: 1847, Aged 48)
    Born in the OFS, he moved to the ZAR with his parents as a child. Widely regarded as being one of the strongest military leaders during the Anglo-Boer War.

    7.) Mijnheer Salmon Gerhardus Maritz
    (Born: 1876, Aged 19)
    Born in Kimberley. Known for his freakish personal strength. Involved in the ambush that made an end to the Jameson Raid. Later became a general of a vegtkommando (fighting commando) in the Anglo Boer war and lead a rebellion against the South African Union Government at the outbreak of the First World War.

    8.) Vrau Gertruida Wilhelmina Koekemoer
    (Born: 1866, Aged 29)
    Fictional character. Inspired by models in my collection.

    9.) Burgers
    Typical farmers (Burghers). Known for their marksmanship and ability to operate as mounted infantry during the Anglo-Boer War.

  11. Weapon’s for Alternate Timeline

    These are some weapons that I’m making available in my games, based on the Alternate Timeline I’ve already described in my Blog.

    Shooting SV Bonus Range Hands Pluck Mod. Cost
    Gatling Pistol +2 9” 1 0 7
    Gatling Rifle +3 24” 2 -1 12
    Gatling Machine Gun +5 30” 4 -2 26
    Williams Quick Fire Artillery +5 48” 4 -3 38
    Notes / Attacks can be split between multiple targets. If fired into a group attacks all targets equally (see 3.3.3)

    The Gatling Pistol and Rifle are developed from the Gatling Machine Guns. These are not common, but are available, especially in North America.
    The Gatling Machine Gun, is basically as already described in the Rules and is merely listed here for comparison.
    The Williams Quick Fire Artillery, is normally mounted on a Field Carriage, as normal Artillery. It may not be carried, even by a Strong Man, as the recoil would make it too inaccurate. It requires a crew of two to use it. If only one crew man is present, it can fire every other turn, as it requires a turn to reload the magazine. If however, it is mounted on a ship, or fixed mounting and belt fed, it may operate each turn with only one crew member. Although this is designed specifically to represent the Williams in this timeline, it could also represent any Quick Fire Artillery from the late 19th Century.

    These are my thoughts, but your input is most welcome.

  12. I haven’t worked out all the stats and options and the like yet, but I was inspired by reading a “My Little Pony” fan fiction to create this group:

    The Society of Harmonious Grace:

    The premise: The “Society of Harmonious Grace” was formed by young bookshop owner and personal student of one of Queen Victoria’s top magicians, Dr. Twilia Sparke, to investigate a way of stopping a sinister conspiracy involving the sister of that same magician (the magicians in question are Duchesses Celestia and Luna Faust, by the way), two street gangs (the Rooks and Blighters), a corrupted member of a secret brotherhood (who was also Jack the Ripper), and a legion of shadow-men.
    Forming a tentative alliance with a speedy, loyal, and competitive soldier-in-training (or police constable); a shy but kindly nurse; an honest, hardworking pubmistress from America; a flamboyant (and sometimes stealthy) but very generous clothier; and a baker and journalist with a knack for making even the subjects of her articles laugh at themselves; she and her companions traversed the East End, forming an unbreakable bond of friendship, and discovered that they themselves were the power they sought. Combined, they not only defeated the temporarily corrupted Duchess Luna, but have since combated other threats to the Empire, including undertaking the mighty task of reforming the demon Discord.
    The group is led by the scientist, occultist, and owner of the Old Oak Bookshop: Dr. Twilia Sparke. A skilled prodigy in both the scientific arts, the mathematical arts, and the mystical arts, she has gained quite a bit of leadership skills, but is also something of a perfectionist. Regardless, she has progressed well in knowledge, and occasionally sends reports of her progress to Duchess Celestia.
    Assisting Dr. Sparke and the group in both research, battle, and other needs is a young man named Simon Stride, nicknamed “Spike” for his spiky, nigh-uncooperative hair. He has lately been armed with a special flamethrower and special armor.
    Abigail Jacqueline Apple II, or “Applejack”, runs the Sweet Apple Acres Public House, and, between her own strength, her massive brother’s skill in both intimidation and fighting (her brother is named “Big Macintosh”, by the way), and her widely-spread clan’s ability to leap to her (and each other’s) aid at a moment’s notice, it is little wonder that this honest young lady has been able to repeatedly refuse service to Abel Caine (the self-styled “Lord o’ the Docks”) and his ilk, and live to tell the tale. She is very honest, sometimes to the point of bluntness.
    Constable (or Corporal, I haven’t decided if she’s a police constable with dreams of joining the Royal Army or a soldier-in-training for the Royal Army yet) Deborah “Dash” Raine is speedy, loyal, and very competitive. When at her fastest, she is a veritable rainbow-colored blur.
    Nurse Fiona S. Posey is a kind-hearted, but shy, woman who works at a clinic in the East End. She never turns away anyone in need, and will always try to help as best she can. However, if you get on her bad side, she’ll prove to be a surprising foe with her infamous Stare, and a barrage of scolding. She is often accompanied by a young creature that could be a “Dire Rabbit” that she calls “Angel”. And Angel is very protective of her. As is Discord, himself.
    Madame Bianca Raritus is a lovely clothier who discovered a knack for stealth and persuasion during her adventures with Dr. Sparke. She is quite dexterous and flamboyant and is armed with a rapier and throwing knives. She is also something of a philanthropist.
    Pinkamina Diane Pie, also known under her pen name as “Pinkie Pie”, is a journalist and sometimes-baker who can often be found at nearly EVERY social event, and operates under her own logic, at times. She is energetic, has many contacts, and is impossible to not like, and often seems to have SOMETHING tucked away for every occasion (even if most of it seems rather frivolous).


    Dr. Twilia Sparke.
    Abigail Apple II.
    Cpl. Dash.
    Nurse Posey.
    Madame Raritus.
    Pinkie Pie.
    Apple Family Members.
    Big Mac.
    (Summoned) Discord (Demon, special)

  13. i know this is long after the last post, but im working on a company based on sir harry flashman’s adventures, in the flashman papers, has anyone got any suggestions or advice?

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