Bonus Material

Here is where we shall put up all the free PDF’s of companies, new rules, reference sheets etc.

1. The IHMN Reference Sheet, so you don’t have to fold or tear up your rulebooks!

IHMN Reference Sheet v4

2. A guide to creating your own Companies in IHMN:

Creating your own Company in IHMN

3. The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company

The Prince of Wales’s Extraordinary Company – version 2

4. In Her Majesty’s Name Rules Errata – 16 February 2014

IHMN Errata 16-02-2014

5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

2013-06-26 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

6. The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee

The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee

7. The Figure Reference Card v2

IHMN Reference Card v2

8. The Salamander Fire Insurance Company

The Salamander Fire Insurance Company

9. Figure Costing Reference Sheet

IHMN – Figure Costing Reference Sheet

10. The Kentish Men Company

The Kentish Men – a Company for In Her Majesty’s Name

11. The Bloody Thistle

The Bloody Thistle

12. La Cirque du Tenebrae

La Cirque du Tenebrae

13. Herge’s Adventurers

Hergé’s Adventurers

14. Tarzan, Lord of the Apes

Tarzan, Lord of the Apes v.2

15. The US Marshals

The US Marshals

16. A set of IHMN Game Counters by Mark Byng

IHMN Game Counters by MEB

17. IHMN Event Flyer

OWG UK sales sheet 2014

18. Der Kult des Ubermensch

2014-02-09 Der Kult des Ubermensch

19. The Secret Service Bureau – Grey Section

The Secret Service Bureau – Grey Section

20. Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator, a cost calculating roster sheet for IHMN.

Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator

21. Dark days in Walmington-on-sea – The Hallowe’en special.

Dark days in Walmington-on Sea

22. The Yeoman Guard – a special company for In Her Majesty’s Name

The Yeoman Guard – a special company for In Her Majesty’s Name

23. The Conservators of the British Museum

The Conservators

24. Marley & Co., Bailiffs

Marley & Co., Bailiffs

25. The Martian Invasion

The Martian Invasion – a supplement for In Her Majesty’s Name!

26. Bertrand Wayne, the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight v2

The Dark Knight enumerator

27. A Guide to using the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare Counters

Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare Counters Guide

28. The Whitechapel Specials

The Whitechapel Specials – a company for IHMN

29. IHMN Gothic Figure cards, as used at Salute 2016

IHMN Gothic figure cards

68 thoughts on “Bonus Material

  1. Are you still looking for advanced Excel help with your company generator. If so what is the best way to get in contact I’d love to help

    • You have succeeded where I failed my good friend.
      With all the fora, bloggery, trying to finish writing the supplement and real life (it just keeps butting in dammit!) I have not had the time to create and maintain such a page.
      So thank you very kindly, I tip my hat to you 😀

  2. Hi there,

    I have just read the rulebook, found two mistakes. Maybe you can add it to the errata.
    1.) on Page 63 there is a wrong Formular to calculate the fighting attack Roll. It refers to SV not to FV.
    2.) on Page 31 in the Talents-table the entre for Cavalryman refers to a reduced Penalty for shooting from a moving horse. But there is no “normal” Penalty.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. I just picked up the rule book today from a local Barnes and Nobles and I spotted the mistake on the fighting calculation on the reference sheet. Could you at least update the PDF?

    Greetings from Ohio

  4. Hi there,
    Not sure how I’ll use this yet, but I really like the name Toby Esterhazes Lamplighters.That is the name of a team featured in Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Spy and in Smileys People.

  5. I’m trying to convert the rules to WW2. What rules and points would you use for SMG’s (MP40, Sten, etc.) and LMG’s (e.g. Bren and BAR).

    • Hi Karl,
      For SMG’s I’d knock the range down to that of a Carbine (18″), and give them an SV bonus of +4 with a Pluck penalty of -1. As for LMG’s like the MG42 and Bren I’s stick with the Machine Gun stats from the rules. The BAR was more like an Assault Rifle than a machine gun so I’d go for range 24″, SV +4 and Pluck -1. How does that sound?
      Please let us all know how you get on with your conversion.

      • Thanks for that.
        Also can you help me work out how the Pluck bit of the weapon cost works? Pluck penalty x -1.

  6. Right, all pluck penalties by their nature are negatives, -1,-2 etc. So we multiply that by -1 to get a positive. Essentially if it’s -1 it costs 1 extra point, if it’s -2 it costs 2 extra points and so on 🙂

  7. Hi, I’ve started working on a repository for Battlescribe. At the moment it just has all the point costs and possibility to create a generic company where you can pick anything from the list or then Explorer’s Club or Lord Curr’s Company. I’m working on adding the rest of the companies from the book soonish. Of course you can do the companies with the software already, but it’s just going to take a bit more time. If somebody spots any typos and other mistake just drop me a note.

    If it’s OK with you Craig I’ll add some the special rules and weapon stats in it too at a later time also? Otherwise I’ll just keep them in a version that only I have access to if you feel it gives out too much of the rules.

    You can get the file from here: and Battlescribe from their website (it’s free)


  8. Hi Samuli, please go ahead.
    Once you are happy with it and perhaps have done a little testing we can feature it on the blog with full credit to your good self.

  9. In the Create your own Company PDF, Lady Q has a base cost of 20 points plus 26 points of talents plus 9 points of kit for a total of 55 points not 45 as given in the text in section 8 and on the table in section 9.

    Great looking game – must stop reading the rules and get on with a game.

    • Great spot there Pat!
      I have just been back to the calculator sheet we use. Looking down the talents I find that I had typed ‘1o’ for the points for Inspirational instead of ’10’. I wrote the article on a work laptop that did not have a numeric keypad so my finger must have slipped down one key. I’ll announce this on the front page methinks.

  10. Hi, just got the book, looking lovely. Is there a forum for questions?

    1st one, as I read dr moebius’ serum ability it looks like he can give 4 models a turn +2 pluck for the game. This looks too good for his points.

    • Hi Jim,
      We’re always happy to answer questions here, but you may find the VSF forum on Lead Adventure and easier and quicker source of answers.
      People are beginning to notice that Moebius is a bit of a steal 🙂 However we intended that he be able to give out serum only to people he is base contact with at the beginning of the movement phase, then in subsequent phases that turn. Thus he could administer one serum per phase in the movement, shooting and fighting phases. So three people not four.
      Still, in a couple of turns he could dose up most of the fighting men in the company.

  11. I’ve just got the rule book, and it looks really good. However, I can’t find the Effects of Terrain on movement anywhere, even though they are listed as appearing in 10.0.

    • It isn’t as well described as it could be Alan.
      3.2.1 3rd para, 2nd sentence: Its movement may be slowed by terrain and/or visibility (4.1).
      4.1.1 Difficult Terrain, 2nd para: In this game difficult Terrain is rated as Type 1, 2 or 3 – the number corresponds to the level of penalty associated with it.
      So Type 1 terrain will slow your figure by 1″ per move etc.
      I hope that helps,

      • Thanks. That means that most terrain will be fairly ‘porous’ to infantry, which seems to me to reflect the ability of troops to cross difficult terrain. In your mind, does the same deduction apply to vehicles? Because it might look a bit odd to have a rocket cycle moving 18 only losing 1 inch to cross a wall (in the extreme example) I might suggest that vehicles, especially wheeled, are more slowed by terrain, that why we have roads after all. Perhaps deducting half the move would be appropriate?

        Although walkers would be less slowed, as per 5.5.

  12. How does a Machine Gun/Flamethrower actually work against a group of figures? 3.3.3 says it makes ‘an attack against each member of the group’. Does this mean that it makes the attack at the full SV, or must you split the SV up as it says at walking your fire?

  13. Hello. With weapons that can be thrown (e.g. spear, knife, axe, etc) are you Assumed to have enough for the game or once you throw it its gone?

    • Yes you do. This is all part of the KISS principle that we have applied to the rules – no ammunition issues as they just require recording and that’s more hassle gamers don’t need 🙂

  14. Many thanks for these resources! I now have additional means with which to bore my wife to death (this is not a euphemism you understand).

  15. Hi, is it possible to have the reference sheet in word or open office format in order to make a translation in French or in other languages ?

  16. So doing a quick look through, by my calculations the LXG costs a total of 356 points to field. However the notes mention that fielding it in this way costs 398 points. Have I missed something ??

      • Ack of course ! I used the LOX company outlined in the Bonus Material here !
        Figure Cost
        Sir Allan Quatermain 85
        Captain Nemo 44
        Mrs Mina Harker 58
        Dorian Gray 35
        Tom Sawyer 38
        The Invisible Man 31
        Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde 65
        Total 356

        According to my excel sheet that makes the group come out at 356 but the blurb mentioned 398. Which means I am 42 points adrift. So what did I miss ?

      • Checking back against our calculator spreadsheet I can see that we updated the list but not the calculator when we made a few little changes… This is why in the text it says 398.
        As it is a fun list and it doesn’t change the figures’ individual costs I think we’ll leave it be as a trap for eagle-eyed players to spot 😉

      • AAhhh nice – Like the list and love the game ! I am looking forward to writing this up and submitting stuff ! Thanks again

  17. Is there an FAQ out there at all? (I have seen the errata document.) Or, is this the best place to get questions about the game answered?

  18. Good afternoon Gentlemen,
    The rulebook says (3.3.2 Moving and Shooting p.13) that:
    “A figure that has moved at least 3” during the Movement Phase has a
    penalty of -4 to its own Shooting rolls.”

    But the reference sheet (p.63) as well as the one available on the Bonus Material on this blog, do not mention the 3″, but only the fact of moving.

    Therefore, what should be the correct way of doing things:
    – Shooter has moved = -4 SV
    – Shooter has moved more than 3” = -4 SV

    Thank you for your help!

  19. Are not All-Electric Truncheons now 6 points apiece?
    Sorry to be pedantic about this very useful Reference Sheet but what with the Government cuts, my Scotland Yard force has to watch every penny!

  20. Was a Company/Force Calculator spreadsheet ever finalised? I’d be very keen to see it, or help test it if it’s still in the development stage?

  21. Yes there were two. One we use to help do the books, and the other had some glitches but was also an excellent effort. Both have been rendered out of date by HVF and will be again by SDRS.
    I should contact the two authors and see if they would like to update them and then we’ll put them out to all you good people.

  22. can you please clarify the rules regarding models with multiple weapons?

    – a model has a sword and dagger..does it fight by..

    A- adding weapon bonuses to fv for *one attack* ?
    B- roll two attacks; one for sword , one for dagger ?
    C- choose which weapon to attack with..but not both ?


    A model is armed with an axe and dagger … which pluck modifier is used ?

    thanks..and keep up the good work !

    • Hi Wilbur,
      If we look at Section 3.4.2 Multiple Attacks on page 17 we can see that to make multiple attacks with a fighting weapon you can split your figure’s FV between two or more attacks. This is especially useful if you are a skilled swordsman taking on a number of lightly-armoured opponents.
      Generally we have not armed figures with two matched fighting weapons such as a sword and dagger. This is to avoid such complexity as you describe.
      If you had a sabre why would you split your attacks with a dagger, as the sabre is far superior? It is also not usual for the VSF period (being a more 17th-18th century technique).
      If you wished to create a situation where you were using a rapier and main gauche then you might like to agree with your friends that the main-gauche could either add +1 to the figure’s armour values, because of its role as a parrying weapon, or +1 to the figure’s FV. This would be a house rule.
      I hope that this helps,

    • Hi Mark,
      As the game is based around Victorian Science Fiction, reflects many of the mores of that society and there are so few historical precedents we did not create any all-female companies.
      However, we were aware of this so included strong female characters in quite a few of them. From IHMN we have Lady Felicity, the Dragon Lady, Sairah, Amelie, and the Incendiaries. In HVF there are Leticia Davenport, Madame Petunia Earle, Elizabeth Bernhard, Hetty Makepeace, Kodiak Kate and Donna Isabella. There are more in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun. On the blog there is Lady Helen Quatermain., Molly Maguire and a few others.
      One of our contributors has produced an excellent all-female company based on a historical precedent – Diamond Annie’s Forty Thieves. You can find it in the ‘Player-authored Materials’ section of this blog.
      Also, as we have given you the tools to do so she could create her own. There is an article on creating your own company on this page.
      I hope that this helps.

  23. Great stuff! I have a question. I’ve got a number of Ironclad Miniatures various steam tanks. Are there any particular rules I should for statting up these vehicles?

    • When writing the rules we were mindful that this was a small scale skirmish game, and that this was still the late Victorian era, so we didn’t put a lot about tanks in there.
      That said we did ‘hide’ some rules about armoured steam carriages in the table in section 5.4 Personal Transportation (IHMN page 28). There is also an Armoured Steam Lorry in SDRS 2.3.2.
      Use one of these as your base then add one or two weapons and some crew.
      Alternatively take the stat’s for a Walker and just model it with wheels instead of legs.
      I hope this helps.

  24. Do figures block line of sight to figures behind them? The rules state only areas of terrain do, but I’m used to playing rulesets where figures do as well.

    This actually comes up because I had 2 characters with “Clouding Men’s Minds” active next to each other and a 3rd character dastardly hiding behind them and we couldn’t figure out whether the 3rd character was in line of site or not. Would that be the case?

    • Hi Colin,
      Please read the third paragraph of section 3.3.1 Shooting – General Rules. Look along the line of the shot from the shooter’s perspective and if you can see any part of the figure behind the blocking figures you can take the shot.
      Note that the power ‘Clouding Men’s Minds’ only applies to the figure using it. It would not affect line of sight to another figure behind it. In fact. one could argue, as the shooter cannot see the figure in front clearly it may make the one behind more obvious 🙂
      I hope that this helps.

  25. Hi Craig,
    I am the translator of your game IHMN into Spanish, and my editor has asked me to translate the erratas aswell in order to make the most of the game in this language. I’ve talked to Osprey and they’ve told me I need your permission in order to do so. This is the only way I’ve found to contact you, so please let me know if I could translate (and publish) the erratas for this great game.

    Thanks in advance,


  26. My suggestions! Ready..? Negative attributes. Instead of paying more points to have a more powerful soldier, how about paying less for a weaker soldier? A bad back so they can’t use certain cover. Being old so they can’t run. Allergic to flowers, negative pluck rolls. A phobia of machines. I would have said being racist too, but I think that one is a little too serious and not fun 😛 Bad training/ laziness: Sometimes they refuse to take orders and lose their turn if they fail their pluck. Claustrophobia, jam jinxed (this one really sounds good to me! Every time you miss you have to roll and not get a 1! if you do you jam. It’ll happen much more often).

    For more positive ones: two soldiers being in love, and receiving benefits when being being near each other, which change dramatically or are lost when one is killed. Nocturnal for night fighting? Slow burner: extra benefits from the third/ fifth turn onwards?

    Hope these are of some use to you or can generate some fruitful discussion!

  27. Hi all,
    I’m a new french player.I have a little question about the rules, i need some help. I want to recruit in m’y band couple of steam spider bot. They are design by a scientist Who is also part of the band. These spider are used for combat and creator protection (electric shock) and for recon.
    But i don’t realy know how could i’ll make thoses ideas un the game.
    If somewone could help me it will be cool.
    Thank’s for all tours answer at

  28. Hi,
    Has anyone created a ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ list based on the comics, rather than the film?



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