IHMN Fiction

I really can’t help myself you know, there are just times when the characters in the Companies just reach out of the screen and insist that I tell their stories. it seems to be happening to others as well.

So, rather than clog up the front page with these many and varied vignettes I though that I would set up their own page. then those of you that like them can come and browse and those that don’t like the stories do not have to be bothered by them 🙂

Each story shall now be converted to a PDF and listed below.

A Little Shooting Practice – A Lady Felicity Story

The Legend of Lizzie Sparrow

The Warm Spring Sun by Charles Murton

Blood in the Sand – A Captain Moreau Story

A French Connection – A Lady Helen Quatermain Story

Tea for two – A Lady Helen Quatermain Story

The Battle of Brick Lane – An Inspector Rush Story

Two tickets for an exhibition – A Lady Helen Quatermain Story

Why I hate Fridays – – A Captain Napier Story

A shot in the dark – a Sir Allan Quatermain Story

4 thoughts on “IHMN Fiction

  1. These are great. I love your blog and am now following. I’m inspired to get back to playing IHMN.

    LZBravo.com – Gaming Blog

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