Genre Packs

As many of you will be aware, In Her Majesty’s Name (IHMN) is a set of Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) skirmish wargame rules.
In response to popular demand, we are producing a series of “genre packs”. Each genre pack provides a short guide to the elements of a genre that allows you use the IHMN rules for a particular period or setting other than VSF.
Our aim is to be consistent across all books and genre packs, except where the genre itself brings in a significant difference.

Genre Pack 1: Blood & Faith genre pack v1

11 thoughts on “Genre Packs

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  2. In ECW terms ‘gentlemen of pike’ were regarded as somewhat superior to musketeers. This is also reflected in Swiss and German armies of the time. Would it help to split the ‘poor bloody infantry’ into:

    King’s Musketeers
    Gentlemen of pike / cardinals guards

    In obvious order of capability. This would reflect the elite status that some may consider the NMA or Cornish pike, Landschnets and Swiss should hold.

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