Seven days and counting!

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, it is just seven days until the official launch of Heroes, Villains and Fiends.


The fine chaps at Osprey, Mr Philip and Mr Joseph, assure me that all stockists are loaded and ready to do their duty. Huzzah!

Mr Philip is especially pleased with HVF as he is indeed the author of some of the companies in the this tome (Le Cabinet Noir and The Red Sect), and the inspiration for some of the others. For this we are most excited to announce that he shall be awarded a CDM* for his services to the Empire upon our next meeting.

Of course, as we did for the last book, we shall be publishing one or two free companies on the blog to celebrate the launch, so watch this space. We shall also produce an updated set of reference sheets.

For those of you with existing companies, in the back of HVF is a Backwards Compatibility section so that you need not feel left out when you see all the shiny toys the new companies have. These shall be also made available to suitable companies.

* Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar, possibly with nut clusters.

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