Pulp, Dieselpunk & Golden Age Superhero version of IHMN?

If we were to use the IHMN core rules to create a game set in 1920’s Prohibition America, with the added twist of low-level superheroes and villains (more Shadow and Doc Savage than Wolverine and X-Men), and with all the usual pulp/dieselpunk oddities, would you be interested?

15 thoughts on “Pulp, Dieselpunk & Golden Age Superhero version of IHMN?

  1. I wanted to say that I would wait until somebody else bought it first (my usual methods) but no one hear has spoken a peep about IHMN. The disdain of a small number of Gorgnards would blister some peoples skin and quite honestly it’s not a core interest for me. Playing supers rarely yes, owning a rules set with the required terrain, not.

  2. I’ve already toyed with using IHMN for Pulp games anyway (Ming the Merciless wouldn’t be too tricky to work out stats for, for example). Would be interested if you decide to go ahead.

  3. Yes, definitely but 1930s, please, not 1920s. I have no interest in gangsters and The Shadow, The Phantom,. The Rocketeer, Doc Savage and Indiana Jones, of course, were all from the mid-thirties onwards

    • Weird… just said pretty much the same thing on LAF. I agree ’30s is the decade for Dieselpunk and you can still have your gangsters, they are just more powerful as organisations, some even forming ‘local government’ in a few cities.

      • We would look to set it at the end of prohibition in roughly 1930 so we could get the best of both decades 🙂

    • I expect that we would plan to start in one corner of the genre, like we did for IHMN, then publish supplements to widen the range and appeal of the game.

  4. It’s not as big a step away from IHMN as I would have liked (see also: post apocalypse!) but it would definitely give me an excuse to pick up the Blue Moon gangsters and g-men I’ve been eveying for a year or so…

  5. Nearly 200 votes in now. We’ll leave it up a couple of more days to let everyone who want to vote have a chance.
    Thank you to all of you who have voted already, this sort of information is really important for the future of the IHMN project.

  6. 1920’s-30s, gangsters, abit of weird war, indiana jones style adventures would be amazing! I’m currently adapting IHMN for this time/theme but an official supplement would be great too.

    • Note the following, listed first in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as it may assist you:
      A Sub-machine Gun is a lightweight machine gun that fires pistol bullets. It has a range of 18”, an attack bonus of
      +3 and a Pluck penalty of -1. It can be used to attack groups and for “walking fire” in the same way as a Machine
      Gun. It requires two hands to use. It costs 11 points.

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