Partizan 2016

For all of you going to Partizan next week.

The Ministry shall not be running a game, instead I shall be attending as a punter for a change. It will lovely to have time to have time to mooch around the trade stands and observe the various games. The last six shows I have attended we have been so busy that even a toilet break was a hurried luxury.

If you are going I have a few recommendations for you:

  • T10 Northstar/Wargames Emporium, our constant friends and distributors of Blood Eagle and Daisho.
  • T31 Bad Squiddo Games, run by the inimitable Annie Norman
  • PG19 COGS/GCN, where Dave Wise and his stalwarts shall be running their infamous fast play In Her Majesty’s Name games once again.
  • DG15 Simon Miller’s To the Strongest! demo. If you want to see how to play a game with several thousand figures in a couple of hours.

Partizan 2016

I shall be wandering about in my black Ministry polo shirt so feel free to flag me down for a chat, or to give me a piece of your mind đŸ™‚

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