The Dark Knight cometh…

dark knight

In the fogbound streets of London at night, so many crimes go unnoticed by the good men of the Metropolitan Police. They are few and villainy is everywhere.

In the last few months, many criminals have been found bound and gagged, with a list and evidence of their crimes, outside the doors of Police Stations. Each list is signed The Dark Knight. The press have got wind of this and have been lauding this night-cloaked vigilante though the Commissioner of Police has denounced him. Abel Caine, Lord ‘o’ the docks, has put a bounty of fifty guineas on the Dark Knight’s head.

You can find the Dark Knight list in the Additional Materials page of the blog. It is an experiment to see how a low-level superhero would fare in the world of IHMN. Give it a go and let us know how it went.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight cometh…

  1. I have used the enumerator and it only gives me the dark knight as 98? could he be missing a couple of pistols to take it to the 104?

  2. OK, I double-checked and you are both right and wrong 🙂
    The points cost for the Dark Knight is wrong, but it should be 107. I forgot to add Martial Artist to his range of talents.
    To help you to understand how I got there, I have now updated the Company and included the enumerator sheet.
    Always tell me if you find errors, it helps me improve and also improves the experience for everyone.

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