The Brick Lane Commune rise!

After gawd only knows how many years I’ve finally got around to painting my BLC. They have always been my favourite company so it’s about time I painted them.

2015-06-21 10.30.28

As you can see they are based on pennies, base-coated and receiving their first round of washes. Once all the washes are done then I shall begin the detailing such as pinstripes, chequer patterns, unifying armbands and neckerchiefs, as well as faces, buckles and buttons.

I have sixteen figures to do so I can have a wide variety of different BLC companies, and then I must construct the mechanised walker… so no biggy ­čÖé

I’ll post a few WIP shots as I progress through the project.





Artists’ Spotlight – Claudia Zuminich

One of the delights of writing and publishing rulebooks are the artists you encounter. As some of you know I have a particular preference for the sainted Kev Dallimore. He is the chap who painted all the Northstar figures for IHMN that appeared in the book and on this blog countless times. His work shall also feature in our forthcoming game Daish┼Ź.

Recently on the IHMN Facebook page another artist has appeared, a certain Miss Claudia Zuminich. It turns out she is the artist who created the IHMN diorama in the recent Wargames Soldiers and Strategy issue 76. From what I can glean from her FB page ( she is a professional artist and as you shall see in the photos below she is one of the best figure painters I have seen.

So rather than ramble on forever, I’ll let you judge for yourselves:

Claudia 1 Claudia 2 Claudia 3 Claudia 4

The men who would be King!

Those splendid chaps at Artizan Miniatures have released some sets of British and British Sikh troops fo their Second Afghan War range to alongside their already excellent wily Pathans (afghans).
As you can see form the pictures below they would be perfect for both the Indian Army or The Shangri-La Fusiliers in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.


The two officers above in the fur-lined or sheep-skin jackets would excellent for Captain Dravot and Lieutenant Carnehan.

img1957 img1958 img1959 img1960

You can find them here:

Midnight Workshop


That celebrated chap and sculptor Mike Owen, whose designs have graced Northstar’s IHMN Range, has been building up a range of strampunk miniatures over at Artizan Designs.

The Midnight Workshop range has fourteen excellent and reasonably-priced miniatures available so far and is well worth a looksee.


You can find them all here:


Artificer Minatures Painting Service

My good friend Bob has been busily beavering away on my figures for me and here are some of the results:

The Black Dragon Tong The Society of Thule

Bob paints figures for living and he is very good at it, mark my words.

He is also selling his custom-made 7’x4′ ruined cityscape based upon the town of Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone (includes 5 storey buildings and everything). We played across it at Xmas at it was breath-taking. You can find details of this over on his website (see the Blogroll, in the bottom right of the front page).


Steve Saleh sallies forth!

Many of you know of Steve Saleh, the sculptor behind the first IHMN company figures from Northstar. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Salute last year and I can report that he is not only very talented but also an excellent chap as well.
Northstar have now released a range of his own sculpts under the imprint ‘Lucid Eye’ and the figures are really quite magnificent.
Here are just two to give you a flavour of what Steve is creating:



Note how Steve injects such dynamism into his figures without having them adopt outlandish poses. That, ladies and gentleman, is the mark of a master.

I’m hoping that these, and his Neanderthals, are at Salute because they have just shot to the top of my ‘must have’ list.

Neanderthals I say? Yes I do. Feast your eyes on these beauties…



I really hope that Steve expands this range soon because I am already hooked.